Meeting to consider SB 1190, SB 1241, SB 1280 and HB 2626


Senate State Government Committee

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 – Off the Floor (Senate Chamber and Remote Participation)

Meeting to consider SB1190, SB 1241, SB1280 and HB 2626

Senate Bill 1190 (Hutchinson):  Convey 3.16-acres of land in Conewango Township, Warren County to Bollinger Enterprises, Inc.

Amendment#A06829technical amendment to reflect the parties’ August 7, 2020 agreement of sale;

Senate Bill 1241 (Argall):  Require state agencies to report space usage

Amendment#A06753technical amendment to change the effective date;

Senate Bill 1280 (Bartolotta):  Land exchange located in the 6th Ward, City of Washington, and South Strabane Township, Washington County, between DGS and the Washington Health System, and;

House Bill 2626 (Moul):  omnibus Election Code amendments.

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