DiSanto Tax Limitation Bill Makes it More Difficult to Raise State Taxes

Harrisburg – State Senator John DiSanto (R-15) has introduced legislation to make it more difficult for the General Assembly to raise taxes.

The proposed Tax Limitation Amendment to the constitution would require a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly to increase taxes.

“Historically, the legislature has been increasing taxes on our citizens instead of reforming government and controlling spending. As a result, Pennsylvanians now shoulder the fifteenth-highest state and local tax burden in the country,” DiSanto said. “This amendment is required to protect taxpayers from the tax and spend culture that pervades state government.”

Pennsylvania taxpayers see 10.2 percent of their income go to state and local taxes, according to the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit, independent tax policy organization. The commonwealth’s state and local tax burden is $18,354 per family of four, or $4,588 per capita.

More than 30 states operate under tax or expenditure limitations, making Pennsylvania in the minority of states with no such controls.

“Our nation’s constitution calls for supermajority votes on several matters and provides protections to individuals from tyranny of the majority,” DiSanto said. “A tax limitation amendment would offer similar protections by preventing a narrow majority of the legislature from imposing additional taxes on already overtaxed Pennsylvanians.”

As a proposed constitutional amendment, the measure must be approved in two consecutive legislative sessions, and then put before the voters in a referendum. 

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