Senate Approves DiSanto Bill to Prohibit Costly Regulations without Legislative Approval

Harrisburg – Legislation sponsored by State Senator John DiSanto (R-15) to prohibit costly government regulations from being imposed without approval by the General Assembly and Governor was approved by the Senate today.

Under Senate Bill 561, no regulation with an economic impact or cost to the Commonwealth, to its political subdivisions, and to the private sector exceeding $1 million could be imposed without approval of the General Assembly and Governor. This change would help protect businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and individuals from costly, burdensome regulations.

Currently, the regulatory review process requires the General Assembly to pass a concurrent resolution disapproving a regulation. However, the Governor must sign the disapproval resolution to bar his own agencies from enacting the regulation, a highly unlikely scenario, the senator noted.

“Our current regulatory process vests too much power in unelected government employees and agencies that lack direct accountability to the people. This legislation will help restore the constitutional balance and lift a regulatory burden that is hampering job creation and economic growth,” DiSanto said.

Senate Bill 561 will now be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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