DiSanto Announces $15 Million Assistance for Lower Paxton Systems Sewer, Halifax Systems

Harrisburg — State Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry) today announced the approval of more than $13 million in assistance for Lower Paxton Township sewer upgrades and nearly $2 million in aid for a Halifax Borough drainage project.

DiSanto said the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) approved a $13.2 million low-interest loan to help Lower Paxton Township finance the latest phase of its comprehensive upgrade of its sanitary sewer system. The work includes the replacement of 41,200 feet of sewer mains, manholes, lateral connections and building sewers in the Beaver Creek Basin, and 18,000 feet of sewer lines, manholes, laterals and building sewers in the Spring Creek Basin.

The improvements are mandated by a consent agreement with the state Department of Environmental Protection to reduce inflow and infiltration in the sewer system.

The senator said Halifax Borough will receive $1.1 million in direct funding plus $821,798 in a low-interest loan for the Strawberry Alley and Division Street Drainage Improvement Project. 

The project will provide new roadway drainage systems designed to replace the existing systems between the high point in the roadway and the point of discharge. The new drainage systems will consist of pipes, inlets and channels, and roadway paving, and will collect storm water runoff emanating from the roadway and from properties along Strawberry Alley and Division Street.  These improvements will substantially improve drainage conditions and reduce intermittent localized flooding on both streets. 

“Upgrading sewer and stormwater drainage systems is crucial for townships and boroughs, but it is very costly,” DiSanto said. “Returning tax dollars to district municipalities to help fund these projects supports healthy, thriving communities.”

PENNVEST was founded on March 1, 1988 to fund sewer, storm water and drinking water projects.


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