DiSanto Appointed to State Employees’ Retirement Board, Capitol Preservation Committee

Harrisburg — Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry) has been appointed to the State Employees’ Retirement Board and the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati.

The State Employees’ Retirement Board is an 11-member panel responsible for running the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS). SERS manages the pension benefits of approximately 239,000 employees and retirees for 102 public sector employers. In 2017, SERS managed $29.7 billion in assets.

“The State Employees’ Retirement Board makes decisions that impact state employees and retirees, as well as the taxpayers who ultimately foot much of the bill,” said DiSanto. “I declined participation in the state pension plan myself when I became a legislator, and I look forward to using this position only to ensure that the system is run in a manner that prioritizes efficiency, and achieves the best returns on investment possible for taxpayers and retirees alike.”

As a member of the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee, Senator DiSanto will help implement programs to conserve and restore the Pennsylvania State Capitol and its contents, as well as all of the Capitol Complex, maintaining them for future generations.

The committee’s 15 members include lawmakers, the Secretary of the Department of General Services, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Secretary of the State Art Commission, and private citizens.

“The Pennsylvania State Capitol is designated a National Historic Landmark and is widely recognized as one of the most impressive state capitol buildings in the nation,” DiSanto said. “More than a century old, it requires ongoing maintenance and restoration. I am committed to preserving this historic landmark in a way that respects the current taxpayers and private donors who pay for the upkeep. I’ll bring my construction and management experience to the table as we plan and execute projects to ensure the work is necessary, affordable and completed as directed.”


CONTACT: Chuck Erdman cerdman@pasen.gov (717) 787-6801

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