Senate Passes DiSanto Adoption Bill and Veterans Health Choices Resolution

HARRISBURG—The Pennsylvania Senate today unanimously approved Senator John DiSanto’s (Dauphin/Perry) legislation that will re-establish adoption subsidies for foster youth as well as a resolution urging the federal government to improve and reform the delivery of health care for veterans.

SB 669, introduced by DiSanto, reinstates the Kinship Care and Subsidized Permanent Legal Custodianship Program. These programs encourage and promote the placement of children who haven’t found permanent adoptive homes.

“My legislation ensures federal adoption subsidies continue to support aunts, uncles, and grandparents who have stepped up to raise a family member,” said DiSanto. “Kinship care promotes a stable home life and permanency for young people who grew up in the foster care system and maintains important family connections.”

The Senate also approved SR 140, a resolution urging the United States Congress to oversee the successful implementation of the VA MISSION Act of 2018. This legislation was enacted to provide timely access to the highest quality of healthcare for our veterans. The VA MISSION Act requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to consolidate community care programs, expand eligibility for the VA Family Caregiver Program, and improve the VA’s ability to train, recruit, and retain the best health care providers.

“Pennsylvania is home to nearly one million men and women who have served,” DiSanto said. “The VA MISSION Act is supported by national veterans’ service organizations and is essential to ensuring our veterans receive the quality and timely care they were promised when they put on the uniform.”

SB 669 now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration while SR 140 will be transmitted to the President of the United States and the Congress. 

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