DiSanto Urges Regulatory Reforms at Public Hearing

CHAMBERSBURG—Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry) attended a public hearing of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee at Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, makers of Martin’s Potato Rolls and other breads, to emphasize the need for reducing excess government regulation.

As a career-long private sector businessman, Senator DiSanto spoke from experience, saying “Pennsylvania’s regulatory burden has steadily grown year after year—increasing the size and scope of government. As a business owner, more of my company’s time was diverted from building communities to completing paperwork and jumping through regulatory hoops.” This sentiment was reiterated frequently by the businesses offering testimony.

To help put the brakes on regulatory overreach, DiSanto has introduced two bills presently before the committee. Senate Bill 5 provides that no regulation with an economic impact exceeding $1 million could be imposed without General Assembly approval. “Senate Bill 5 prevents unelected bureaucrats from deviating from legislative intent and enacting costly regulations that stymie our job creators,” DiSanto said.

DiSanto also discussed his Senate Bill 119, which will count, cap, and cut state regulations. State agencies must complete a comprehensive review of all regulatory requirements and cite the appropriate law authorizing the regulation. The proposal then institutes a one-in, two-out regulatory model whereby state agencies must eliminate two regulatory requirements for every new one they enact.

“My legislation finally requires the state to get a handle on how much regulation is actually on the books and make a concerted effort to streamline government red tape,” said DiSanto. “It’s important to recognize that government does not create jobs, but it most certainly can prevent their creation. We must do better as a state to cultivate innovation and economic growth so we can compete in the global economy.”

After the hearing DiSanto said, “I appreciate Chairman Mastriano shining a spotlight on the perils of overregulation. It’s important to hear directly from Pennsylvania businesses on how excess regulation adversely impacts their hiring and expansion plans and ultimately increases the costs of consumer goods and services. I look forward to the committee taking up my legislation when we return to session.”

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