Perry County Officials Call Failure to Include County in Latest Openings Absurd

HARRISBURG –Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry), Rep. Mark Keller, and Perry County Commissioners Brian Allen, Gary Eby, and Brenda Watson today responded to Governor Wolf’s failure to include Perry County in the latest announcement of additional counties scheduled to reopen.

With 34 total cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began, Perry County meets the objective criteria for reopening that the governor had laid out when he set up his Red-Yellow-Green plan. It’s absolutely absurd that Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, with significantly higher cases of COVID-19, would now be slated for moving to the Yellow Phase prior to Perry County.

As we previously explained to the governor, Perry County should have been included with the first round of openings beginning today. Some counties that do not meet the objective criteria have now had their stay-at-home orders lifted, while Perry County has consistently met this benchmark yet remains disadvantaged.

The governor and his advisors, whomever they may be and whatever credentials they might have, should immediately take another look at the data and come to the reasonable conclusion that Perry County can safely reopen. Otherwise, this process will continue to be met with frustration and suspicion by the citizens of Perry County and all of Pennsylvania.  


For Senator DiSanto, Chuck Erdman (717) 787-6801
For Representative Keller, Jennifer Fitch (717) 260-6335
For Perry County Commissioners, Brian Allen (717) 582-2131


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