Senate Committee Approves DiSanto Bill to Prohibit Costly Regulations without Legislative Approval

Harrisburg – Legislation sponsored by State Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry) requiring the General Assembly approve all major regulations was approved by the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee today.

Under Senate Bill 5, no regulation with an economic impact or cost to the Commonwealth, to its political subdivisions, and to the private sector exceeding $1 million could be imposed without approval of the General Assembly and governor. This change would help protect businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and individuals from costly, burdensome regulations.

Currently, the regulatory review process requires the General Assembly to pass a concurrent resolution disapproving a regulation. However, a governor must sign the disapproval resolution to bar his or her own agencies from enacting the regulation, a highly unlikely scenario, the senator noted.

“Government’s regulatory burden has steadily grown year after year and this committee heard testimony at a public hearing this past December from businesses and constituents about the direct and adverse impact these increasingly complex and restrictive rules are having on business investment and job growth,” DiSanto said. “It is essential we reassert our legislative power to limit excess regulation and require the executive to justify its authority before imposing hidden costs on the economy.”

Prior to calling for the vote, Committee Chairman Doug Mastriano emphasized the importance of enacting the regulatory reform called for by Senate Bill 5, which has been made especially clear by the severe economic stress now faced by many businesses as a result of the state’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

With committee passage, Senate Bill 5 moves to the full Senate for consideration.

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