Hearing on 2020 Election Issues

Senate State Government Committee

Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 10 am

Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation


Welcome and Opening Remarks: Senator DiSanto and Senator A. Williams

Roundtable discussion with the following participants:

  • Honorable Kathy Boockvar, Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Deputy Secretary Jonathan Marks, Elections and Commissions
  • Honorable Joseph Kantz, Chair, Snyder County Board of Commissioners
  • Ed Allison, Director Voter Registration, Lawrence County
  • Jeff Greenburg, Director of Elections, Mercer County Bureau of Elections
  • Forrest Lehman, Director of Elections and Registration, Lycoming County
  • Nancy Patton Mills, Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee
  • Lawrence Tabas, Republican Party of Pennsylvania

Closing Remarks: Senator DiSanto and Senator A. Williams

Written Testimony:

Committee of Seventy | Follow Up Letter

Common Cause

Ray Murphy, State Coordinator, Keystone Votes | AttachmentAttachment 2

Montgomery County Republican Committee

Bucks County Republican Committee

Delaware County Republican Committee

County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania


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