DiSanto: Residents can Comment on Tolling Plan at Upcoming PennDOT Forum

Harrisburg — Senator John DiSanto (Dauphin/Perry) said that residents can use an upcoming telephone town hall to voice their opinion of PennDOT plans to toll the I-83 bridge in Dauphin County and other bridges on Pennsylvania interstate highways.

PennDOT will hold a telephone town hall on the plan Tuesday, May 25, beginning at 6 p.m.

“This tolling plan — which amounts to another tax –was developed by an unelected board without public input,” said DiSanto. “I’m co-sponsoring Senate Bill 382 to scrap this plan and reform the process that produced it. In the meantime, it’s important for citizens to use this opportunity to have their voices heard.”

There are three ways to join the town hall:

In addition to the telephone town hall, PennDOT is accepting comments:

  • Online at: www.penndot.gov/funding, click on “virtual public meeting” and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the comment section. The public comment period for this virtual meeting closes on June 1.
  • Through e-mail at: PennDOTPathways@pa.gov.
  • By phone at: (717) 325-6129.

On February 18, PennDOT unveiled a plan to toll nine bridges in Pennsylvania. The toll currently proposed would be $1 to $2 for passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles would pay a higher toll based on number of axles.

Senate Bill 382, which would reform the Public-Private Transportation Partnership (P3) statute and void the PennDOT Pathways Major Bridge P3 Initiative, was approved by the Senate last month and sent to the House of Representatives.


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