Meeting to consider SB 1225, SB 1330 and HB 2499

Senate Banking and Insurance Committee

Tuesday, September 20 | Off the floor

Senate Rules Committee Conference Room


Consideration of SB 1225, SB 1330, and HB 2499


SB 1225 Mensch: Requires insurance coverage for breast imaging of women with heterogeneously dense breasts without an accompanying risk factor and removes the provision preserving insurer application of patient cost-sharing.

  • A05514 DiSanto: Requires insurance coverage for all costs associated with an annual supplemental breast screening for women at increased risk of breast cancer.

SB 1330 K. Ward: Requires insurance coverage for all costs associated with genetic counseling and genetic testing for BRCA gene mutations based on a clinical risk assessment tool and a personal or family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

HB 2499 Pickett: Adopts the NAIC model establishing data security standards for protecting nonpublic information and standards for investigation of and notification to the Commissioner of cybersecurity events.

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